Center for research and innovation in medicine

We are a Spanish-Chilean company dedicated to Medical Research and Innovation.

Promoting them in the educational, technical, clinical and administrative aspects; in order to contribute to the modernization and improvement of the quality of medical care.


Promote and develop new technologies, equipment or information, both in hospital, and home healthcare networks.

Promote the searching for innovative methodology in medical education.

Promote the study of new and better management and administration measures.



3D printing

We create solutions...



CaviarMed is a personal machine (for home use) capable of dispensing medications in the form of soft spheres, adjusting the doses indicated for each patient, as read on their medical card.


Medical device that facilitates endotracheal intubation through indirect vision.
No more training in Sniffing Position, can be easy and massively used by anesthesiologists, fellows, nurses, rescuers, improving quickly the success of intubation, preventing time loss and brain damage.
Low cost production fares, and wireless connection to an App, may allow massive use.

Find a Doctor App

Mobile application, generates on a map the location of doctors to allow a better management of the medical human ressources.

Research and Innovation Unit

We help create the Unit attached to a public hospital in Santiago, Chile, in 2008. A lot of activities were coordinated: -Infrastructure to develop projects. -Patients for study. -Capital (initial of $ 50,000,000): grants were offered for studies at the Hospital, promotion was carried out among the staff to participate in the competitions.

Our Director

Medical Anesthesiologist for 17 years, practicing both in Chile and abroad, in public and private settings. She has also worked as Professor in different areas of Medicine, such as, Anesthesiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, etc. and has accumulated experience over the years perceiving the specific difficulties in this areas. After her stage in France, she wanted to replicate the research centers that work in the country annexed to hospitals and created the Research and Innovation Unit in Medicine at the DIPRECA Hospital in Santiago, Chile, launching a competitive fund for projects, and gathering rectors and deans of 12 faculties of Medicine to participate as evaluators. Then, it was created a private center for research and innovation in Medicine, Economics and Education. She has developed Mobile Applications for managing lack of medical specialists,  presented at world specialty congresses (Anesthesia) in New York and Hong Kong , also establishing worldwide networks to promote the new projects, and has been invited to present these innovations at the AAACongress (All Africa Anesthesia Congress) in November 2017. The Diploma in Management of Innovation, at the Faculty of Economics and Businesses of the University of Chile, has given the tools to commercialize these innovative medical products, obtained public funds, and patents.

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